Reach you target group on the mobile way

Rahmentyp Comfort (tiefer Einstieg)
bike frame Comfort (step-through frame)
bike frame Classic (normal frame)

Get your outdoor advertising moving and be seen anywhere!

  • smar bike sharing system with mobile advertising space
  • 300 nextbikes in and around Luzern, Sursee and Hergiswil
  • over 70 rental stations in Luzern & 10 rental stations in each Sursee and Hergiswil
  • operating 24/7
  • unique, conspicuous, and eco-friendly

advertisment pricing

Two advertising spaces per bike

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Rainer Bossard

Caritas Luzern Service

Grossmatte Ost 10

6014 Luzern

Tel: 041 368 54 17


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