Caritas Luzern is commited to people in the canton of Luzern.

Caritas Luzern organizes the maintenance, marketing and logistics of all nextbikes independently.

The field of activity is wide-ranging and includes a number of info centres and projects for diverse tasks and problems. We advice, support and accompany people in a way that enables them to lead a self-determinded life. Caritas Luzern is part of the catholic social welfare organisation in the canton of Luzern. As a registered society it is a member oft he Caritas Schweiz association. Caritas Luzern can rely on essential volunteers‘ help who advocate social integration in the canton of Luzern.


Our bikes are equipped with a 3-speed internally geared hub and a bike basket. Saddles are hight-adjustable and provide an anti-theft device. Besides the classic Beachcruiser-like frame nextbike also provides bikes with step-through frames.