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nextbike Switzerland is available in: 

  • Beckenried 
  • Buochs 
  • Ebikon 
  • Ennetbürgen 
  • Ennetmoos 
  • Geuensee (Sursee Plus) 
  • Hergiswil 
  • Horw 
  • Immensee 
  • Knutwil (Sursee Plus) 
  • Kriens 
  • Luzern 
  • Mauensee (Sursee Plus) 
  • Meggen 
  • Merlischachen
  • Oberdorf 
  • Oberkirch (Sursee Plus) 
  • Root 
  • Sarnen 
  • Schenkon (Sursee Plus) 
  • Stans 
  • Stansstad 
  • Sursee (Sursee Plus) 
  • Wolfenschiessen Zug*



*Cities with blue zone and pink flexzone. The return of the bikes is not necessarily bound to a station. If there is no station nearby, please return the bike to a public bicycle parking lot. Note the tariffs in the pink flexzone.

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