all tariffs at a glance

Basic rate
CHF 2 /h

Basic rate per started hour for return to a fixed station or in the defined blue zone

Rent more than 10 hours, the maximum day tariff of CHF 20 / 24h will be charged automatically.

Additional tariff
CHF 2 /rental

Additional tariff for return in the pink flex zone

Annual rates

Annual rate
CHF 70 /year

2 x 60 free minutes per day are included.

Every additional 30 min will be charged in the basic rate.

Annual rate plus
CHF 140 /year

4 x 60 free minutes per day are included.

Every additional 30 min will be charged in the basic rate.


In the blue marked streets, at nextbike stations the return is without surcharge. In the pink marked zone the return is possible with CHF 2 surcharge. The basic rate of CHF 2 per hour is still valid. 

0CHF /blue

2CHF /pink


The registration is for free. Before renting your first bike, we need to verify your payment method. You will be required to deposit a credit of 1 CHF which can be used in all fare types. You can change your preferred payment method at any time. You can rent up to 4 bikes at once, with one account. The sub and vouchers usually just apply for the first bike. You can change the your rate at your customer account. 



Annual rate / annual rate plus: 2 or 4 x 60 minutes per day are included and can be divided between a maximum of 2 or 4 rentals. The rates are valid for 365 days in all cities in Central Switzerland. Subscriptions and vouchers are also valid in the city of Zug. In other systems, the local basic tariff applies. The tariffs are automatically extended if not cancelled within 30 days before expiry.

Up to four bikes can be rented in parallel on one account. Annual subscriptions or special conditions usually apply only to the first bike.


The return of bikes outside official stations or outside the flex zone or on private property or in parks is not permitted and will be fined with min. CHF 20. If there is a flexzone, it is colored pink / blue in the map. If there is no flexzone, the bike must be returned at a station.

Pricing and terms and conditions

Here you can download pricing and terms and conditions. 

Account information

Addressee: nextbike GmbH
IBAN: DE46120700240401833900
Bank name: Deutsche Bank AG
Reference: only your mobile phone number

Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike