About us

Caritas Luzern is commited to people in the canton of Luzern.

Caritas Luzern organizes the nextbike sharing scheme with participants of programs of «professional integration»

The field of activity is wide-ranging and includes a number of info centres and projects for social integration of unemployed and people who get income support. Central aspects are the careful use of natural resources, for instance second hand articles, at the bike workshop or at bike services like letting. The Caritas-programms want to support unemployed to find their way back to the labour market. 

Furthermore Caritas Luzern engages projects for social integratoin like the "Caritas-Markt", "KulturLegi" or "mit mir".



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Caritas Luzern

Grossmatte Ost 10

6014 Luzern


Service: +41 (0) 41 50 80 800

E-Mail: info@nextbike.ch