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Nextbike has become an indispensable part of flexible public transport. The bike rental system has established itself as part of public transport and is the perfect complement to the bus, train or motorized private transport. Mobility concepts for companies are on everyone’s lips and can be ideally complemented and/or implemented with Business-Bike. With the Business-Bike, all employees of your company ride nextbike free of charge for 120 minutes per day! We would be happy to check the operation of your own nextbike station at the company location.


  • Promotion of exercise and health of employees
  • Environmentally conscious and sustainable actions of the company
  • Faster through rush hour traffic
  • Less parking space required
  • From 10 persons and CHF 360.00
  • A standard station in the existing Central Switzerland network including a business bike subscription from CHF 3,150.00

Existing customers: Cantons of Lucerne and Nidwalden, CKW, Calida, Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna and many more.


Provide your guests with uncomplicated rental bikes for exploration tours.

Your advantages:

  • Attractive offer for hotel guests
  • Service of the bikes by nextbike


With advertising on our bicycles, advertising messages are striking, extraordinary and environmentally friendly on the road throughout the city and the region. In the process, they cover several hundred thousand kilometers and are always directly at the target group.

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